Day 285 – LSS Attitude of Gratitude – The Exchange – There is always something to be grateful for.

Yesterday, we went on the hunt for magazines for Z2 and I to make  vision boards. Sadly there were very few at the thrift stores and even less that were usable. I will have to keep on the look out to collect some for a future date to do our project. Sadly, I purged almost all of my stash when cleaning my home. Just like they say, as soon as you toss something you find a need for it. LOL Reality is that most of what I had wouldn’t work for our project.

Unexpectedly my daughter and Z3 came to my house  yesterday afternoon. .K2 changed the plans to accommodate Z3’s basketball schedule which I understand. The kids played Oceanolopy and had a blast. K2 reviewed escrow papers and asked questions. Some of which I could answer and some I could not. I worked on cleaning the kitchen and prepping dinner while the E family was busy. 

We had a leftovers dinner and everyone was satiated. Along with the main dish chosen, all but my spouse had artichokes and corn on the cob. It was an easy warm evening meal. As a new experience we went to Sonic Drive In and bought slushies. I have never done this and neither had the rest of the family. Pina Colada for the adults (sans liqueur). Cherry and some blue concoction for the kids. They were all happy but I felt it was just a sugar Icee and I won’t do that again. It was a fun late night experience just the same. Showers were taken all around and off to bed. The plan was for an IKEA breakfast in the morning. It is one thing that will get the kids to go to sleep on time.     

I awoke early and worked out back for awhile this morning. Later my spouse got up and mowed the front lawn. It was predicted to be in the 90’s today and that’s what happened. We were the first customers at IKEA and we had our usual. I don’t think the grand-kids ever get tired of Swedish pancakes. We hit the bank before returning home so that K2 could have the money she earned as well as her early birthday money. She plans on getting her hair braided with extensions before school starts.         

Once home K2 continued with her task of reviewing escrow papers and Z2 and Z3 worked on activities I provided. Z3 painted and constructed wooden race cars. Z2 worked on her slime and then worked helping Z3. After K2 and Z2 left for home we departed to Home Depot. It is truly my home away from home. I needed stucco patch, spray paint, and tile adhesive. I have many small tasks to do tomorrow. A few items needed to be purchased at the grocery store but unfortunately they did not have the tea my spouse cares for.   

Back at home Z3 watched a DVD and then we played Sequence a few times. All my Z’s are good game players. Z3 is a great sport and likes to foil us with his clever moves. I am grateful he continued to play with my spouse while I got to talk to my dear friends. We needed to talk. It feeds my soul when we connect. I am grateful for our friendship.   

We had a late dinner again. The house needed to cool down. The men played out back with the dog while I finished making dinner. Z3 has a much more limited palate than his siblings. He was happy with his quesadilla, corn on the cob, and strawberries and blueberries. I brought down another game for the guys and Z3 got so in to it he did not want to stop.   

It is time to empty and refill our spa. I decided to fill the kiddie pool with the warm spa water so Z3 could go in immediately. So at eight in the evening as the sun set he had a jolly old time splashing and fooling around in the water. Annie ran away as he was splashing too much for her comfort. I had to set a time limit as the temperature was dropping and I was actually getting cold outside. I am grateful for our cool evenings.   So as I finish my blog my spouse is watching a podcast upstairs and Z3 is showered and ready for bed. It has been an easy lovely day with family. Z3 is a fun loving spirit and I know we are going to have a great time together. I am grateful for the time spent with my grands. 


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