Day 281 – LSS Attitude of Gratitude – Calm Day – There is always something to be grateful for.

Today was an easy calm day. I awoke early to clean out the fridge and put everything in coolers and thermal bags. After placing everything in containers I reloaded them into the fridge so they would stay colder longer.   We were stuck at home until delivery so we finished some chores and of course the S&P shelves. Z2 was so excited that she had finished them all. She wants her hair braided for her 13th birthday in two months. She will need more than the sum I am giving her toward it. I had no idea it was so costly. But I guess 5 or 6 hours of work needs good compensation.   

The delivery men were later than they said they would be, but they were so courteous and careful it was no problem.  They uninstalled my old microwave and reinstalled the new one. Sadly the new one is shorter than the previous one and now there is a two inch gap with no tile back splash. I shall have to figure out how to make it less unsightly. The fridge was so easy for them that you would have thought it was an apartment size. It is even larger than what we had before and so nice looking. After reloading it I know I will have to do some reorganization later.   

We did a few things around the house and just took it easy today. My spouse goes in tomorrow for his scope and had to stay home for the yucky prep solutions. Z2 and I had pizza and loaded it with olives as we are the ones who love them. 

Z2 and I went to Target and she picked out a movie. We watched the chick flick when we came home. Before watching the movie Annie demanded play time and Z2 was happy to oblige. I enjoyed the movie, even though I didn’t expect to. The premise was great. Z2 had her beloved sweet/salty popcorn during the movie. I also got some boxes prepped to be mailed tomorrow.   

All in all in was a calm day. Z2 and I shared some mellow conversations about school next year and the hope that their new home comes to be as expected. She will be happy to be out of the apartment and back in a house again. I am grateful for this time with my only granddaughter. She is very special to me.

One thought on “Day 281 – LSS Attitude of Gratitude – Calm Day – There is always something to be grateful for.

  1. We bought a new refrigerator a year after we moved in our house. We also had to find a new space for it as it would no longer fit in the tiny nook carved out for the old one. We still do not have the ice maker hooked up — that will require a new water line.


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