Day 280 – LSS Attitude of Gratitude – More Got Done – There is always something to be grateful for.

This morning began early as usual.  I accomplished a few chores before the others woke up. K2 had worked on a few S&P shelves yesterday and wanted to continue today. We started however in the back yard. Z2 hosed off another of the outdoor rugs. My spouse and I rehung the outside decorations to the fence I painted yesterday. Then Z2 painted the top row of the block wall planter in the lower yard. It was a busy morning. After they finished I worked on painting and cleaning up. We had a simple breakfast as today was Taco Tuesday and everyone should be hungry to go to Taco Tuesday.   

We all headed off to a pedicure. I still get a little catch when I get pedicures. It was  a favorite thing to do with my mom. My mom started treating herself to pedicures once we had long conversations about accepting care for things we can’t do ourselves.     Poor Z2 had an inflamed toenail. She admitted it had been hurting her for weeks. The manicurist was very careful with her. After finishing there we went off to Taco Tuesday. The place was packed as usual.  Z2 was happy to be able to pick her own fillings. She ate as much as we did, or more. She wanted her Krispy Kreme to go.  I told her I was happy that she didn’t overdo it.

After lunch we returned home and I opted for a quick nap. I had worked 2 1/2 hours before anyone else woke up. Z2 worked on the S&P shelves while I napped. I asked why and she said she was bored. When I woke, it was off to my acupuncture doctor. I haven’t been for a full appointment in forever. It felt amazing to be able to relax with needles and a tens unit pulsating in my body. 

When I returned home, Z2 and I played beach Monopoly, aka Beachopoly. She stomped me. LOL She was having such a good time. Then she and I continued to work on my shelves. I am so grateful she wants to earn some money and I get help with my chores. We didn’t finish the last few. I am sure they will still be there tomorrow. 

She finally was hungry and asked for dinner. We ate leftovers. We get our new fridge tomorrow and need to get rid of as much stuff as we can. While eating we talked about the retreat in the fall, the options for recreation, and food preferences. She was very intrigued by the idea of the float. We had such pleasant conversations again. I am grateful for this one kid at a time scenario. I am beyond exhausted now and I will be ever so grateful if a sleep for a few good hours this evening.

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