Day 264 – LSS Attitude of Gratitude – Blog/Hot days – There is always something to be grateful for.

 Yesterday was a busy day. But it was different because I was also busy doing something fun, just for me. I did some touch ups on the front porch because of course there are always spots that need fixing. I hate it when there is blue on the white or white on the blue. I also worked for what seemed like hours on the slate porch floor. Between cleaning the tiles, scrubbing off the paint spots, and spreading the wet-look sealant it was a long job. Of course i realize that if I did the job more often it would not be so arduous. I left the disaster from all my porch items on the front lawn.     

Then the back yard planters needed work again.  My beautiful jacaranda is still shedding her purple blossoms. It is fun to sit on the downstairs swing and watch it rain. This year my agapanthus are doing better than ever. The white and purple agapanthus reside below the jacaranda. The next planter has wonderful star lilies with white, purple, and yellow flowers. In front of them are yellow day lilies and of course my latest additions asparagus ferns. I have a sea of purple, white, and yellow plants.  

We took a break to do more errands. Home Depot is our home away from home in the summer. It seems there is always something else that needs to get done and some new product I need. I usually try to rely on memory for what I need. I am not always successful. Yesterday’s outing was a success.

It was much too hot to work outside when we returned home so I successfully took a nap. When I awoke I had a wonderful call with my cousin. She is so very busy and whenever she has time to kibbitz I am thrilled. She is planning a party for her mom. My aunt is 80 this year and the eldest member of my maternal family side.

Eventually temperatures dropped to a cool 85 degrees. I put another coat of sealant on the front porch and admired my handiwork. I completed some spray painting tasks out front. I redid the CLR on the cement by the shed out back. Working on my hands and knees in the sun was pretty difficult.  

My evening was spent back inside. I decided to watch some more episodes of Call the Midwife on Netflix. I am totally hooked on it. Because I had a rest during the day I knew I would be up late. I ended up watching all night long and finally turned off the computer at 4:22 AM. I made it to season 3 episode 8. I am very grateful Maggie introduced me to the series. I haven’t purposefully pulled an all nighter in a long time. 

I slept for a couple of hours before Annie insisted on breakfast.  After feeding her I decided to sleep for another couple of hours. Unfortunately, by the time I went outside this morning to continue working, it was hot as hell already. I cleaned up my mess from the front lawn and hosed off the patio furniture. I washed all the cushions from out front. (I made them a few years ago and I am prefer cleaning them to remaking them.) I filled an entire trash can with garbage from supplies I used on the porch. 

 It was so hot we decided to get errands done instead of working more outside. Off to Home Depot again to get more products for the next project. Then lunch at a favorite BBQ restaurant before grocery shopping. We have been on a hunt for squaw bread. No one seems to carry it anywhere. We decided to try Whole Foods. We don’t usually shop there as they are too high priced for us. Sadly the young man behind the bakery counter did not even know what squaw bread was. I guess I have to stick with dark rye as a flavorful choice.   

It is currently 91 in the shade and I am not up to working outside in the sun. The bottoms of my feet are still in paint from being burnt on the cement outside days ago. So it is back to watching Netflix. I am grateful that I can put off my chores until it is cooler. I might need to be outside before 6 AM to be cool. 


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