Day 261 – LSS Attitude of Gratitude – Blog/Memories – There is always something to be grateful for.

An early morning but a productive one. I awoke and checked emails and Fakebook. A few messages were sent and then I checked my CBT app. The quote for the day had something to with appreciating your past. Sadly, I did not write the quote down and the app changes all the time. Instead I moved to my meditation. I began with thoughts of all the experiences I have had as a teacher.

I went in to such an amazing train of thoughts about students I have impacted in a positive way. Memory after memory filled my heart with joy. I had visions from 40 + years ago as a teacher’s aide. Then more wonderful reminiscences of when I taught kindergarten and first grade 38 years ago.  The light bulb moments brought happy tears to my eyes. I remembered specific times and places that students touched m heart. After working for minimum wage in a private school, I knew without a doubt teaching was supposed to be my life’s work.

I remembered the amazing master teachers I had and all I learned from them. I kept their evaluation forever because it was the very first document I had ever received that more than validated the quality of my work.  Many years ago, I cried happy tears when I read the kind words they said. Funny that after all these years I still value their opinion so much. I still appreciate the validation they gave me.

I reviewed in my mind the years I taught elementary school. From my first year teaching in public school and for the next five years I loved the job of teaching. There was nothing like imparting knowledge and seeing kids love learning. The warm thoughts of the kids others might have given up on but I could not kept me going. I had so many amazing role models in my teaching years. I was overwhelmed with all the good feelings. I know some of the wonderful people have left this realm, but they are still in my heart.     

My mind then went to the last 25 years of teaching middle school. So many experiences. So many joys and special moments. The heartaches are very much overshadowed by the rewards. The fact that I was now teaching children of former students made me laugh. The time end energy I put into my career was worth it to me. It made me happy. Flash after flash of good times filled my meditation. It was a replay of the best moments.

I was sitting in a place of joy and gratitude. I did what I loved. I actually overdid what I loved. It was OK because it was right for me at the time. I can look back at my life with such gratitude that my vocation was my avocation. Not many people can say that.

I look forward now to see what the next phase of my life will look like. I am not planning it out with excessive detail at the moment. I am planning on taking leaps, making changes, and flying close to the sun. I am grateful for where I am and where I have been. If the best is yet to be, I will be one lucky lady. 


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