Day 260 – LSS Attitude of Gratitude – Blog/Thoughts of others – There is always something to be grateful for.

My day began with meditation. I am grateful I know how useful my practice is. My  thoughts revolved around what others are going through. That continued through the day while I worked on my chores. In meditation I reviewed experiences I have had and then thought about who else is now dealing with similar things.

I  contemplated all the trials and tribulations of raising young teens. Especially ones who do not understand long term consequences. Maybe that is all of them. I remembered dealing with surgery and how frightened I was. I remembered feeling all alone in the world, even though that was not the case. I ruminated about all the times I tried to allow my children opportunities I never had. I pondered what lofty goals I hoped to accomplish during the summer before getting back to work. I reviewed how I tried so many times to make a staycation fun because there was no money for travel. I though about the way things were so very different for me as I raised my children. My children now face things as they raise my grandchildren I could never have imagined.

As I worked again, for too many hours, on the front porch I thought about all the things everyone has to go through in their lifetime. I know very few people who had wonderful childhoods without drama. Most people face many challenges in their adult years also. So what does one do when realizing someone else is dealing with a plate full of heartache? The main thing I think of is just to be there. To let the person dealing with their lives know you care.     

I am in a better place in my life because I know I have to take responsibility for my actions. I know I have survived so much.  I am grateful knowing there are wonderful souls who care about me. If I trip and fall short of where I want to be, other’s won’t let me fall into a hole. They’ll probably tell me to dust myself off and get back on track.  So many platitudes. It’s OK I am tired and worn out thinking about so many people I care about. I am not trying to fix anyone. I am not intervening with anyone. I just want them to know I care. 



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