Day 254 – LSS Attitude of Gratitude – Blog/ Reality strikes – There is always something to be grateful for.

For a few specific reasons, yesterday was unusual. I received a text from my (former) school office that there were items for me to pick up. I was told from this dear woman that the last day the office would be open was Wednesday. Because I had lunch plans with former coworkers I was unable to make it to school. That alone seemed strange to me. Not to MY SCHOOL, just to the school. It was unusual for me to meet up with coworkers during the summer. One of my former core mates will still be there in August and I shall not. The other former core mate retired awhile ago and I felt like I was moving to the side where she existed. There was no sadness, no melancholy, nor feelings of remorse. Instead I was acutely aware that I was retired. I haven’t truly felt this thus far.

Another leap to feeling retired was the fact that I was on a roll sewing last night. I stayed up until past four this morning. I was happily tooling along knowing I did not have any commitments today. I was smiling as I worked with the knowledge that all my days are like this now.     

Along with the pleasant parts of yesterday came the drama of dealing with my homeowner’s insurance company. They were less than helpful. No they were downright annoying, rude, and disrespectful. I knew today I would have to find a resolution one way or another. The unusual thing was that while I was so frustrated and annoyed I did not let that take away from my joy of sewing later in the day.   

After a few hours sleep I contemplated what I needed and wanted to do today. As I get one thing done, more chores present themselves. The difference is that I know I have time to get things done on my own schedule. My list for today was short. 

I spent quite a long time this morning clearing out paperwork and tax information. I found a document I think might satisfy my insurance company’s insane requirement. So I set out to get that one disagreeable chore done. I went up to school to make a copy of the paper and to pick up my certificate.  I expected there to be no one around but instead I found the P and the AP working. I went to my box in the teacher’s workroom to see if my items were there. Much to my surprise I no longer had a box. My name was removed. I smiled at the knowledge that I would no longer have to go to the office to see what messages, schedules, or paperwork had to be dealt with. No more last minute schedule changes. No more  always be FLEXIBLE. I am grateful that my flexibility now is in my control.

I asked the P if she knew where my items were. I had a strange set of things to recover. I was looking for a broken watch, an accommodation from the state senator, and my classroom banner from last year. The items were located and I had a short conversation with the P. She reminded me that with all the time and energy and devotion I had given to the school, they were now going on without me. It was presented in an odd way. I smiled with the knowledge that for these 35 years I did what I loved. Now it is time to do what I want to do just for me. I love that. What’s not to be grateful for that?

I went off to do my store chores. I found the Bondo, the paint, the brushes, the sandpaper, as well as the food items next door. I bravely went to Costco. Much to my sheer delight even thought the parking lot was a nightmare the check out stands were empty. I was in and out in minutes. This must be how the other half lives. (The people who don’t have to go after work or on the weekend.)     

As soon as I got home I was going to call the insurance company to tell them about the document I found. I went online to get their number and hooray hurrah I found a message from them stating they are accepting the documentation I previously sent. I am grateful that I don’t have to search out another company, at least not today.   

I did some cooking for the next few meals. I settled in for a pleasant afternoon. I reflected  on what is my new time frame. I get to eat when I want to. No more bells determining my appetite. I get to relax when I want to. I have the time to so something or do nothing. Now that is a new concept. I am grateful for the hard work in my past that brought me to this time and place. For the first time in my life  I am really in charge. I love my new reality.

Woman with umbrella in rain, old town

4 thoughts on “Day 254 – LSS Attitude of Gratitude – Blog/ Reality strikes – There is always something to be grateful for.

  1. Such a nice post! It’s good to know you’re enjoying your new reality — and I’m glad the insurance company came to its senses, so to speak — those things sure can be aggravating….

    Liked by 1 person

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