Day 243 – LSS Attitude of Gratitude – Blog/Know what you want.

It was a very strange day today. From the early morning successes at purging and cleaning, to a  post on SARK, to messages throughout the day it seemed that I was being led to know what I want. I found this group somehow and as I cleaned this morning I asked myself what was necessary for me to be happy. I made the beds upstairs from the last grand kids visit. As I searched in the linen closet for sheets etc.  I realized it needed to be cleared. A short time later away went four bags of items to be delivered to Goodwill. There is actually empty space on my shelves. Without much effort I got what I wanted, one clutter free area.

Then came a post from SARK. She asked her SWW to answer three questions as a prompt for Tuesday night’s mentoring.   Respond to these 3 questions and I’ll be responding in a group way in class Tue/11. Your writing creates new vibrations and shifts~ 💅🏻 1. What I want to receive    2. Why I want to receive it     3. Describe the feeling state of receiving as though it’s already happening or happened”

I responded and I could already feel that as usual, if you feel what it is like to get what you want it is more likely to happen. 

I want to de-clutter and purge many things in my house. Finding the group working on this will help me continue my journey. I feel like I have made such success already and definitely want to continue the process. Lightening the load of “stuff” makes me happy.

I made a commitment to a retreat in the fall. I already feel I am benefiting from what will happen in the future. I know it is the right place for me. It means I will make some challenging leaps. I keep telling myself of the benefits.

I  decided to stay home today. Puttering out in the yard after cleaning upstairs felt right. My little gardens always need work. I am uplifted when I am working in  the planters, even if I am only there for a short time. As I sat in the downstairs swing my body felt relaxed and calm.  I want to have this feeling all the time. 

My lazy day today meant internet surfing, a SARK dessert Pop Up, and more sorting and cleaning. I met a wonderful woman in the pop up. We shared our stories of being in SWW, writing, and retirement. One of my personal goals is to reach out to people and make connections. It feels good when you get what you want.   

I did not get to meet up with my Sunday night peeps. They had other commitments. We will catch up later. I am so glad they are in my life. It feels right to share our lives.  I know I want their happiness as much as I want my own.           

The handyman I hired to do some outside repairs came for awhile and left again. He returned at 9:30 PM. I had already gone downstairs to read. I was so surprised at his working in the late hours of the night. I wanted my repairs done but this was a little ridiculous.         

I spent my day doing what I wanted. I accomplished a few things.  I didn’t get done with a few things I should have. There is always tomorrow. That feels like what I want to know in my heart. feed it.jpg

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