Day 228 – LSS Attitude of Gratitude – Blog/Birthday Part 2 – There is always something to be grateful for.

Today is my birthday. Today I am grateful for growth. I am grateful for this day not being one of pain and heartache. It’s a day of joy. The joy one feels when your heart is not being crushed. The joy one feels when you realize you have a great deal of control over your emotions.

I have joy today because there are so many wonderful people in my life. I have cousins who rejoice in my happiness. They know exactly who I am, what I have been through, and where I am going. I have long time friends who extend their kind hearts to me. They have known me and stood by me in times of great sorrow and wonderful joy. I have new friends I did not even know a year ago. I cannot fathom what my life would be without them. All these women are a huge part of who I am now, on this the 65th day of my journey. I have so much gratitude for my life as it is today. A year ago I did not know this happiness would be possible.     

After making breakfast, I needed to go to my classroom to pick up my computer and get the cake I forgot in the fridge. I knew there were activities going on, on campus, so I could get into my class without sounding the alarm. As I looked over all that still needed to be done, for a split second thought I should stay and work. The fleeting thought passed quickly.

I decided I would like to hit a thrift store next. It is always a fun way for me to begin my day. I found some DVD seasons that I had been looking for. It was a successful outing.

Next on the agenda was to go and test drive a FLEX. I have been contemplating my next vehicle for about two years. My old car still makes me happy but the idea of entering my next phase with a new or new to me car sounded  appealing.  After the test drive of the new car I wanted to see the used cars they had in stock. The first used car was only two years old but it had obviously been used and abused. I decided if indeed I was willing to purchase a used car I had some research to do. My spouse had already been looking for me and had a good idea of prices. He then showed me a one year old car with lots of bells and whistles that was in very good shape. I can honestly say I did not have new car fever. I explained to the salesman that I needed to see what other used cars were available. We sat outside while the salesman looked up the price of adding a luggage rack. My spouse did some research online as to what used cars were going for and what was available. Of course the manager came over and asked what the car did not have that I wanted. I explained that I liked the luggage rack on the other two models. So of course he asked if he threw in a luggage rack would we make the deal. After research had been done I gave it some thought and said

This was not my plan for the day. But I have no buyers remorse at all. I am very happy that I have made another leap into my next phase. It feels like they are occurring more frequently and with more ease.


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