Day 223 – LSS Attitude of Gratitude – Exhaustion – There is always something to be grateful for.

I have been going full steam ahead for a couple of months now. I have completed many tasks that I wanted to do and some that I didn’t actually want to do. I have been poked and prodded physically and mentally. I have run the gambit of feelings related to decisions that I needed to make. I have been calm and stressed and occasionally both at the same time.

I must get more things done before my seven and a half working days come to an end. As I look back at what I have been able to accomplish in such a short time I am proud of myself. As I look forward to what I still need to finish I am cautiously optimistic that I will make it happen. And of course while getting everything unique to this time of my life completed I also have to live my life. So as I have worked today for about 18 hours to finish a special gift for a friend of my mom’s I am exhausted. I have pushed ahead to finish so I can mail off the gift.

I did not get much of anything else done that was on my list to do today. I did happily make my call with my dear friend. It was a welcome detour in my day’s activity. We allow ourselves to just kibbitz as catch up on our weeks doings. I treasure our calls. Our third Musketeer has been under the weather and I need to check in on her tomorrow. It worries me when I don’t hear from her.

Right now I am admitting defeat for the day. I did get a major goal accomplished but I did not accomplish all I needed to do. I am too exhausted to continue. I need to get some sleep. Tomorrow promises to be a full day. We obviously will be on a rainy day schedule which is a hyper charged situation. I can so it. I can finish strong for the last days. I am woman.

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