Day 222 – LSS Attitude of Gratitude – Blog/ #SoCS Adverb – There is always something to be grateful for.

 Being a part of  Linda Hill’s stream of consciousness makes my Saturday blog a different kind of blog.  It means instead of focusing on what repeatedly popped in my head, I need to focus on what popped in my head from her topic. A subtle difference but one I enjoy.

 Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “adverb.” Start your post with any adverb and just run with it. Have fun!

As is my usual goal I attempt to join my blog with her parameters. So here goes…… 

Diligently I came to write my Saturday post that I usually complete in the morning.

I warmly reviewed the events of the day.

This morning I hastily cleaned my living room before my acupuncture appointment. 

The appointment was painfully completed as I am in a flare as the weather impacts my body.

I traveled quickly back to my classroom to try and complete more cleaning. 

I had difficulty sorting through years and years of materials in my cupboards. 

Items flew everywhere as I tired to decide what to keep and what to get rid of. 

I worked hard to get as much done as possible.   

After trying unsuccessfully at three locations to find a place for a quick lunch we settled on a coffee shop next to a thrift store.   

We happily tried new items on the menu and were grateful they satiated our hunger. 

Because we were so close, we traveled to the thrift store.   

We regularly find items to purchase and today was no exception. 

We traveled back to our house so I would be at home to participate in the wonderful SWW birthday party in my honor.   

Arriving home I was happily surprised by a birthday gift from a dear friend. 

Donna H. graciously planned and executed a fantastic virtual luau with music, food, ambiance, beverages, and joyous friends on the SWW group site.   

I will always remember this gift from this dear sweet woman. 

Last year was a very sad birthday so I am happy for this change of state.

I need to get to my evening chore, so that I don’t disappoint a friend. 

While I normally complete this blog in the morning, I am grateful for a full day of events to write about.

Want to try your hand at the SoCS challenge? You can  Try your hand at Linda’s challenge.

For all the rules and to read how others interpreted this topic check out her site. There are so many wonderful bloggers who follow the SoCS and I try each week to visit one I haven’t read before.


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