Day 208 – LSS Attitude of Gratitude -#SoCS Fall From The Sky – There is always something to be grateful for.

 Being a part of  Linda Hill’s stream of consciousness makes my Saturday blog a different kind of blog.  It means instead of focusing on what repeatedly popped in my head, I need to focus on what popped in my head from her topic. A subtle difference but one I enjoy.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “fall from the sky.” Write about anything that falls from the sky–real, imagined, or idiomatic. Have fun!

As is my usual goal I attempt to join my blog with her parameters. So here goes……

The first thing that came in to my head was 911. I was watching TV while getting ready for my day. I was shocked and horrified by what I saw. The news stations stated that the planes were headed for LA.  I immediately thought that perhaps planes were also leaving from LA to New York with the same intentions of hitting LA.     

I could not help but look to the sky to see if anything seemed amiss. I went to school and put on my small portable TV to continue watching the news. As I was usually one of the first ones to arrive I heard the phones ringing off the hook. I waited for office personnel to arrive so I could help with whatever dialogue was to be shared with parents. We wondered if school would be cancelled, if we were safe, how to help the students cope with this horrible tragedy.   

All phones were manned. All parents were advised it was their option if they wanted to keep their children home. There was not going to be an unexcused absence for their child. (Oh the things we worry about.)  We would do our best to both keep business as usual as well as keep things as calm as we could. The debate on campus was do we allow the students to see what was on the news or let them watch at home at the parent’s discretion. The decision was to keep all information in the teacher’s lounge and not in the classroom. What we did do was, to do our best to let the students know they were safe, we cared about them, and this tragedy reflected individuals not cultures.   

remember each time I left my classroom I looked to the sky. I wasn’t looking for anything to be falling from the sky really. I was looking to see if the usual flight pattern over our school was going to be business as usual. Our school is at the top of the hill and many many times a day we can see the planes high above us on their way to LAX.

There were no planes that day. There were no planes for many days. It was a solemn time I shall never forget.

I am grateful there was nothing falling from the sky. I grieve for the lives lost and the sadness that ensued from that horrific day. 

Want to try your hand at the SoCS challenge?  Amble on over to Linda G. Hill’s blog for all the rules and to read how others interpreted this topic. There are so many wonderful bloggers who follow the SoCS and it is time well spent exploring their entries.

7 thoughts on “Day 208 – LSS Attitude of Gratitude -#SoCS Fall From The Sky – There is always something to be grateful for.

  1. As many aircraft (military planes, commercial planes, and helicopters) fly overhead here (Atlanta), it was quite eerie not hearing them after 9/11. We had to fly to Chicago that Friday for my cousin’s wedding, and we were concerned that we wouldn’t be able to get out….

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  2. This is a poignant look back at how you remember surviving that day. So many of us have memories from that time that will never fade. Thank you for sharing yours.

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