Day 207 – LSS Attitude of Gratitude – Good News – There is always something to be grateful for.

I am grateful for today’s interactions. At our monthly birthday breakfast I actually showed up. I am the one who sets everything up and then I typically return to my classroom and skip the festivities. I usually have things to do in my classroom so I need my morning time. I decided  to attend because this was my last school social committee obligation. This was the last time to set up the birthday breakfast and I am one of the recipients of the birthday song.     

Now that I was given the go ahead I showed off my tattoo to some of my fellow staff members. More than one teacher called me a “bad ass.” It was meant as a compliment but I kind of felt it was funny. I don’t think I’ve ever considered myself a “bad ass.”  I wonder what that means for my future me.   

School was very good and my lab and activity went well. The kids were engaged I managed to get everything done that I wanted. I swapped detention next Monday with my work husband so that on the 13th I can get a new haircut and color. I am unsure what I will end up with but I am sure it will be very different for me. 

I am a changing woman.  I am altering my normal. I am not who I was just a month ago. I have 16 1/2 working days left in my school career. I have 22 days until my 65th birthday. I have less than a month left until my time is my own. So many changes, new beginnings, and new options are on their way.    

I had my call with Kim tonight as usual. It is so uplifting to me to be able to talk about what I am feeling and how I am less and less afraid of my future. I look forward to the unknown as never before. With her help I am dealing with my reality and seeking my joy at every turn.       

After my call I came down to think about what to make for dinner. My spouse gave me a letter I had overlooked when I brought in the mail. I noticed a few things for him, a thank you card for me, and some ads. I had missed the one he presented to me.

Dear Lauren S. Swanberg

Congratulations on your decision to retire.

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