Day 200 – LSS Attitude of Gratitude – Blog/Part 2 – There is always something to be grateful for.

What a fun day.  I ran my assignments for today and prepped my lab baskets. Our core was not testing so I was able to see all my classes today. I caught up the classes I did not see yesterday. We corrected an assignment, did a journal check, and then did our weathering lab. The kids were all giggles when doing the lab. It was a nice break from testing. I finished all my grading before leaving school today. I am grateful for that.

Our school earned two more national awards. I am so grateful to work at such a remarkable school. To celebrate we had a yummy lunch together. We typically have two lunch periods so when everyone gets to eat together it is a real pleasure. Numerous people today mentioned my retirement and I happily confirmed my joy. A few mentioned they had heard rumors and had  inklings but were waiting for me to announce something. I told them my truth, that the principal wanted me to wait for our May staff meeting. I still feel a little giggly when I affirm the news.

I am so looking forward to each day as one more success. One more time to enjoy my classes, my coworkers, and my school environment. The final days of this career are leading me toward the new days of part four of my life’s journey.   

I left after school and went to pay off a very large bill. This particular bill will enable me to have a more joyous retirement. I am grateful for the opportunity to get one more very important thing done today.

Coming home I received two sweet cards from wonderful women in my life. Be it a text message, a Fakebook message, a call, or a note, I am so grateful for the wonderful women in my life. I also enjoy seeing Maryann’s Friday Fakebook message. She has such a kind voice and is so soothing. I love her topics. The pinnacle of my evening was my call with Kim. Because of Kim I get the opportunity to grow, to think, to examine, and to be grateful for what is happening in my life.   

My go to tonight is the knowledge that I have so very much to be grateful for.


One year ago I was suffering from severe PTSD with no idea how to move forward. My health and well being were in jeopardy. My anxiety was through the roof. I pursued a path of self care and accepted help from others with knowledge I did not have. I continue to accept guidance and help from those who are ahead of me on this path. I am ever so grateful for all those who have been in my corner and have been amazing members of my tribe.

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