Day 162 – LSS Attitude of Gratitude – Surprises -There is always something to be grateful for.

I am not usually a fan of surprises. This weekend struck me as  one filled with them. Maybe not all surprises, but aha moments. I am grateful for dealing with some and even more grateful for the good ones. 

On Friday I did not get to talk with Kim. I totally understood why. So when I was grocery shopping early Saturday and got a message from her, I was pleasantly surprised. I managed to get my grocery shopping done as well as getting things (Easter treats)  for the grand-kids. I was surprised that I found some things that are not candy, that I believe they will like. 

I was not surprised that after my call my spouse wanted to go thrifting instead of doing our weekend chores. I was surprised that I agreed. We did not find anything amazing which was disappointing, but it was OK. We decided to go out for lunch but were surprised that the restaurant he chose was closed until dinner time. We found another spot on the way home and I was pleasantly surprised that they offered a corned beef sandwich. It was an unpleasant surprise that it was very lacking in quality and quantity.   

We returned home and I attempted to do my meditation. I was surprised by my silly dog barking and running through the house. There was no chance I was going to successfully meditate so I I thought I should try to nap. No luck. More crazy dog behavior.   

After completing a few chores I went through some mail and I was surprised that some pictures finally arrived. My mom’s dear friend had a birthday recently and I asked her daughter via Facebook messenger if I could have copies of the pictures to make her a scrapbook. She has been experiencing a hard winter and said it would be awhile before they came. I was happy to see them. It was also a surprise that she kindly wrote notes on the back of all the pictures so I can journal for her also. I enjoy gifting scrapbooks. I feel confidant in my ability to make a nice memento. 

I was surprised that I got to sleep at a decent hour. I was not surprised that I did not stay asleep all night.

As usual I woke up very early this morning. No surprise at all. I decided I needed to make myself a corned beef after the disappointing lunch yesterday. I did not want to make a large one because I am the only one that eats it.

I dropped off a St. Patrick’s Day gift for a friend and then went off to the store. I was surprised that the store was packed with fellow shoppers getting last minute dinner items. I was surprised that this store had so many Passover items. I am willing to bet that they have no idea that Passover is a month away. I will remember that when I am ready to get my holiday items.  I was sadly surprised that twenty plus people wanted to check out and there was only one cashier. 

I was surprised my spouse was still asleep when I returned so I spent time outside playing with the dog. I was surprised that she played for so long. Usually she makes it only five or six times before she wants to stop and get petted instead. Today she wanted to play fetch over and over and over again, until I was tired. I laid on the outside swing  and she wanted to cuddle so we did. I was surprised by this behavior on her part. We relaxed together for a short bit.

The weather was surprisingly warm today. It has been cold and rainy for what seemed like forever to me. I am spoiled living in Southern California. I decided to work on one of my bowling balls. I have the mahjong set I bought for my mom while I was in China in 2000. I decided that I should decorate one of my bowling balls with the tiles. I was sadly surprised that I did not have enough of the adhesive I need to fully decorate the ball. I was able to adhere twelve tiles before running out of the glue. 

I was pleasantly surprised that we got our chores done this afternoon. We are experts at procrastination. I decided to try and meditate again. I was able to sit quietly for my hour. My mind kept singing my new theme song, I Got You Babe .  This was not surprising to me. I was a little surprised that I just calmly kept focusing on dreams I had been having. 

I was plugging in my phone and I was surprised that Martha Beck was on. I missed a minute or two, but not the content. I love listening to Martha Beck. I admire her so.  It is a surprise that I do not schedule her calls in m phone so I don’t miss them. Somehow I usually end up finding them just in time. 

I was surprised that I managed to clear out a large recycle bag full of stuff from my “must gotta” do box. There is still more to do but it was a great start.  I was happy to be ready for my call with Maggie and Tanya. These calls are so good for my soul. It is no surprise that I feel such a wonderful bond with these women. I hope we remain friends forever.     

After dinner my spouse asked me to color his hair red as a surprise for his students tomorrow. He opened the box and prepared the solution. I applied the gunk and much to my surprise it was purple and not red. He had picked up a box I had purchased for myself by mistake. Too late to go back. His students will be very surprised tomorrow.   

After the coloring drama I decided to check my Facebook.  I responded to a few messages and saw the transcript from SARK’s call last Thursday. Then the biggest surprise of all. In fact the biggest surprise I have had in a very very long time. A dear sweet friend, Donna, passed the Love Light from SARK’s SWW to me. It is a gracious gift of accepting love and kindness from the community I adore. I am so grateful for this wonderful surprise. What a wonderful way to end my weekend.



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