Day 142 – LSS Attitude of Gratitude – It’s all about timing – There is always something to be grateful for.

I am grateful this weekend that I did what I felt like doing instead of prioritizing what I should do. I know timing works the way it should most of the time.  This weekend has been challenging and I am protecting myself with care.

Yesterday for example my spouse and I each had exactly one whole dollar each and some change as we went in to an all cash thrift store. Ten steps in the thrift store I found a package of new CM supplies worth about 30 plus dollars for 99 cents. He found a DVD audio/CD of Bette Midler for 99 cents. Now we both knew if we wanted to we could have taken out cash from their ATM but that seems counter intuitive to pay money to spend money so we try to avoid doing that.

I was so tickled at finding the CM supplies. A very kind woman I know expressed that she was splitting some pictures post divorce. I used to be a consultant for CM and have more supplies than I can use in two lifetimes. I asked if I could gift her some albums and she agreed. So the package I got was perfect. It contained page protectors, an archival pen, an idea book for fast pages, stickers, adhesive, and more. The perfect items to go with the albums I will give her. I so felt like I was being guided to get this for her.  My spouse found a CD that on the opposite side had a DVD of Bette Midler singing Peggy Lee songs. What a find. We left almost as quickly as we entered with our treasures in hand.

Today Annie tried to tell me at 1 AM and at 3 something and at 5:45 AM it was time to get up and feed her. I finally acquiesced at 5:45. She acts like she is starving, which I know is not the case. When I returned to comfy flannel sheets a dear friend started messaging me. We haven’t talked much this week and it was so nice to catch up with her. I was glad that although she had a rough week she was feeling better. I enjoy knowing that she is in a better place. 

At this point I should have done lesson plans, started cleaning, or read one of my many books I am in the middle of. Instead I looked at Fakebook and deleted many of the unnecessary items in my email inbox. Later I went to the TV to keep me entertained. Property Brothers always keeps me interested. I did a load of laundry and my spouse and I decided to hit the thrift stores in nearby towns.

We took my car today because hubby just purchased a collection of Michael Franks CDs from Germany. I have loved Popsicle Toes for ages. Popsicle Toes My car has a CD player and his does not. Such wonderful music to accompany our outing.

We arrived at the first Goodwill and tons of toys were on half price. So of course I picked up items to add to my gift closet. He found a game Z3 will adore. I trust him on what sports games little boys like. My spouse found a super audio CD worth 60 bucks for 1.99. This of course made him a happy man. I found a couple of Wayne Dyer books I don’t own. I found two real bowling pins to add to my bowling ball garden. Never have I ever found bowling pins anywhere much less at a thrift store. We were checking out when the very kind cashier asked if we qualified for the discount of the day. I assured her I did and she redid the order. Sometimes pluses abound when you are having fun. She thanked us for being so patient with the transaction and I thanked her for taking such good care of us. 

At this point my cousin started texting me. We don’t get to talk much because she works long hard hours. I was so pleased to see that she was reading and highlighting a book I recommended. We are both working through the book. I am grateful that she and I are both on a path to self care. We joke repeatedly about how fun it would be if we lived closer to each other. Lord knows how much trouble we would get in. LOL     

We debated heading home or hitting another thrift store. Of course we decided on the thrift store. It turns out this one was closing and everything in the store was fairly cleaned out. What was left was all 50% off  the sticker price. We did not find much of anything but happily took our few purchases to the front. After checking out we saw a new IKEA wooden dining table and two chairs. We both looked at each other and agreed we could use if for the gkids playing games and for us when we had lots of family over for extra seating. We laughed about the fact that had we taken his car there would be no way we would be able to fit all our purchases. I am grateful our timing was spot on today for finding treasures and having room to bring them home.  The last thrift store was a bust but we didn’t care because we had very little room in the car left.

Timing was once again spot on as my spouse’s father called him and he was able to carry on a nice conversation sans thrift store noises. It was a win win. Today timing was perfect and contact was made with many important people in our lives.   

This evening  I was able to have my weekly call with one of my favorite people. She brings joy and peace and comfort to my soul. Sadly the second lovely woman was completing family tasks and unable to join us today. So timing was right for one, and hopefully I shall get to reach out to the second wonderful lady later tonight. I can hope. 

Yummy leftovers for dinner meant that I got to work on my blog and then I shall do my lesson for tomorrow.  I have Tuesday and Wednesday completed but not tomorrow’s plans cemented. I can do it.

The laundry is done. The dishes are done. The bathrooms are cleaned. The floors are not vacuumed. No dusting has occurred this weekend and I am OK with that. The lawns were not mowed. Oh well. Timing was right most of the weekend. I am grateful that we did what we wanted in lieu of what we “should” have done. Now off to do lesson plans. I am grateful I have the energy to finish the “must gottas.”

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