Day 126 – LSS Attitude of Gratitude – Gratitude List – There is always something to be grateful for.

Inspiration for today.

So I am giving myself a limited time to see how many I can list. Then I shall continue later. The list is in no particular order, just a wandering brain.


  1. my immediate family whom I love
  2. my cousins Donna and Holly because they are so supportive and I love them so
  3. my long time friends who know me as well as I know myself and I love them for that
  4. my extended family that loves me and whom I love
  5. the writing class that brought me amazing friendships
  6. the amazing friends I have kept from the class and love so much
  7. the deep love I will forever feel for my departed loved ones
  8. messages my departed family send to me
  9. my school friends who support me
  10. my work husband who I have worked with for 26 some odd years
  11. my dog and all the dogs I have been privileged to have in my life
  12. my chiropractor who has helped me heal my body
  13. my acupuncture doctor who has allowed me to walk again
  14. my orthopedic shoes and insoles that mean I am not using a cane
  15. my medical doctor who is also a friend
  16. my therapist who has changed my life
  17. my life coach who is improving my life
  18. my Tuesday night friends who have walked the walk
  19. my appointments that keep me healthy
  20. my need to grow and change
  21. the sadness slowly leaving my body and mind
  22. my body that makes me a morning person who wakes in a good mood
  23. my commitment to my blog
  24. my writing in journals
  25. my home that makes me happy and protects me
  26. the changes I have made to my abode that has made it my home
  27. my sentimental few pieces of jewelry 
  28. my employment that allows me to do a job I love
  29. my students who keep me sharp
  30. my lessons that I still enjoy creating
  31. my custodian with whom I always share a morning conversation with
  32. my commute to work that often lets me see the sunrise 
  33. the rain that our area needs but that means kids inside all day
  34. the daily cheerful greetings from my students
  35. my classroom that is my home away from home
  36. the music floating up from the high school band as they practice
  37. listening to the rain hit the tin roof while I sit on my swing outside
  38. the beautiful snow on the mountains I can see from my home
  39. the fact that there is no snow on the ground where I live
  40. the sunshine returning for a few days
  41. my internet connection that allows me to stay connected to others
  42. my TV and the few shows that matter to me
  43. my phone and the fact that I can keep close to those I care about
  44. my books all over my home and my taking time to read them
  45. my cards that I enjoy collecting and sending
  46. my sewing room and all my fabric and my ability to create things
  47. my scrapbooking room and all my supplies and my love of recording memories
  48. my balcony that gives me a beautiful view of my area
  49. my attic that allowed me to store tons of stuff and now is almost empty
  50. my art that gives me pleasure
  51. my ability to make food that keeps us nourished
  52. the smells of fresh baked cookies, bread, and popcorn
  53. a really good hamburger
  54. dark chocolate in any form
  55. the fact that my spouse loves to BBQ
  56. my health not being as bad as it was before
  57. medications that allow me to function
  58. my new glasses that allow me to see properly again
  59. my old car that still runs well
  60. my gardens that connect me to the earth
  61. the time I get to spend outdoors when it is not too cold outside
  62. my bowling ball garden that makes me smile
  63. my tchotchke collections that bring me joy
  64. my DVD retirement collections
  65. my family photos that connect me to my personal history
  66. my sleep number bed that responds to my aching body
  67. my yard art that makes my home uniquely mine
  68. my many places to rest and relax in my home
  69. my memories of travels to Australia and New Zealand
  70. my memories of taking middle school kids to England, France, Italy, and Greece
  71. my memories of trips with my spouse to Sweden, Canada, and Ireland
  72. my spirituality and the connection I have with the universe
  73. watching beautiful sunsets from my sofa
  74. my work at purging and cleaning clutter from my home and life
  75. my ability to pay my bills on time, which was not always the case
  76. my no longer hating to do dishes, real growth for me
  77. my love of Mexican food and Italian food
  78. my ability and desire to help others in need
  79. long summer days that allow me to stay out in the sun for a long time
  80. the enjoyment I get from thrift store searches
  81. the fact that I have learned to limit my purchases at thrift stores 
  82. my ability to speak with strangers and make them laugh
  83. the lessons I have learned about trying to always smile at people because they usually smile back
  84. the lessons I have learned about being grateful for the things in my life
  85. the fact that I have learned that there are way too many good programs being offered on line and I can’t respond to all of them

time for bed…