Day 124 – LSS Attitude of Gratitude – Good Intentions – There is always something to be grateful for.

The Road to Blogging … is paved with good intentions… by Linda Hill was a good read for me today. While I do not think I have had a bad year, most of it has been quite the contrary. I start my mornings trying to see if a topic speaks to me or jumps out at me. 
While I focus on things to be grateful for there is usually something that creeps through my consciousness. I wait for an inspiration as to what to blog about. I can usually take my thoughts and run with something that replayed in my mind throughout the day. I am always hoping the road to blogging will be a straight one, but that is not usually the case.
I usually put off my blogging until I feel I have free time to think, or maybe time to think freely. That is where this topic of “paved with good intentions” comes in.  In the morning I wake with thoughts about all that I am grateful for. Often a topic immediately comes up as to what would I could/should blog about.   
Then my mind goes to what needs to get done before I even leave the house. The litany off normal chores and preparations can make anyone bird walk. Is there laundry that needs to be brought in? Are there dirty dishes in the sink? Are all the doors and windows locked?  Did I turn down the heater? Does the dog have enough water? Is my computer near the door? Is my phone charged? Do I have something for lunch at school? Did I get my work done? If not do I have a plan B for the day? Do I have enough gas to get to work and back? Do I have a chiropractic or acupuncture appointment today because what I wear makes a difference if I do?  Do we have something for dinner tonight? 
So in my preparations to leave the house the possible blogging topics leave my brain. The road to blogging has weaved and wavered. Then it is off to school for the day. I am usually there by 6:15.
I am a morning person and the early quiet morning allows me to get so much accomplished. I usually try and refocus for a moment as to a blogging topic. Depending on what the day requires of me, I often have a moment or two to check what the rest of my family and friends are up to. Then it is usually time to go and run papers for today or tomorrow.
I get my front agenda board ready, my goal and lesson expectations written on the back board, and the papers set out in baskets for the students. I check to see if the tables need cleaning as it is springtime and 6th graders find humor in writing on the tables. I catch up on correcting as needed and double check what I need to do for the lesson of the day.  Typically I am fine tuning all day to make everything clear.
If time allows I reflect on what topic I might want to blog about. Then I ready myself for the students entrance at 8:00.  Often someone arrives at the door in the morning in need of assistance or in need of a paper they lost. My day is filled with the job I love, teaching my students. There is a limited amount of time in the day for non-school ruminations. I have prep period which rotates daily and occasionally I have a few minutes with my own thoughts. I can often check my phone to see “how the other half” are doing. The people who are not driven to eat, use the restroom, and have the freedom of thought not regulated by bells are “the other half.”
This has been my life for so many years. They have been wonderful years but I think I am really getting ready for a change. I bird walk again though. Usually my intentions are to “feel” what topic is on my mind so I can blog.   
When my school day is over my afternoon commitments begin. I have afternoon duty outside by the gate. Not a second to think about anything. My questions begin again. Do I have detention duty today? Do I need to run any papers? Do I need to take home correcting again? Do I need to change anything for my lesson tomorrow? Do I have any parent meetings? Do I have a staff meeting?  What do I need to get done before tomorrow? 
Then the school day ends and my afternoon busyness begins. I have five standing commitments each week after school. It makes for a busy schedule. Each of my appointments are good for me so I have no desire to eliminate them. When focusing on wellness there isn’t often time for spare thoughts. The road to blogging gets set aside for a later time. 
Then of course there are the normal every day life responsibilities. Everyone has them. Everyone fulfills them. Everyone commits to the duties that they are required to do and desire to accomplish. I have the desire and need to blog. It is now a part of my life and I enjoy the self discipline to stay with it every day. The random topics that weave their way in and out of my brain must settle down long enough for me to type away a coherent thought. I am grateful that they are usually intelligible to me and I actually feel joy when I have completed a blog.

3 thoughts on “Day 124 – LSS Attitude of Gratitude – Good Intentions – There is always something to be grateful for.

  1. Hi, I have a couple of questions as this blog is new for me. What does LSS mean? And I think there was another word or perhaps letters SA – I can’t remember the rest of it, but it is a 4 letters. Thank you kindly. What area are you located in – the U.S. or ??? Thank you kindly.


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