Day 120 – LSS Attitude of Gratitude – Change – There is always something to be grateful for.

The questions I am pondering today are…. 

How do I feel about changing myself? I am grateful for all the changes I am going through. I want to make changes that will aid in my personal growth.  I am trying to hold my boundaries to protect myself.  Change is difficult as patterns that have developed over a lifetime become so ingrained that even when they do not benefit us, we cling to them. It is tough to break old habits in order to devote more energy to positive relationships. 

What do I think would happen if I begin to change? On the positive side if I change it will hopefully be for the better. I would be ever so grateful if the sadness I am experiencing lessened and I could move forward to happier times. Change could also have negative consequences. Others might be angry with my new found boundaries. Others may balk at changing the status quo. Just because I have decided to move forward and change my relationships, doesn’t mean that the recipient of my changed behavior will be accepting. When one party changes the other must do so also by the nature of their connection. 

Do I think I can change? Why or why not? I think I can change because I know that to remain in my current relationships is an unhealthy way to be. While I know change will be difficult I think I have the desire, the motivation, and the need. To remain stagnant would be detrimental to me and in fact it would be going backwards from my current state. I have already begun to change and I want to keep moving forward. I can, with the help of mentors, friends, and advisers continue my path to a more fulfilled life. I am grateful for the direction I am going. I hope by my changing, my future will be full of joy. 

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