Day 97 – LSS Attitude of Gratitude – SARK – There is always something to be grateful for.

I am grateful for so many things today. I did not sleep much last night but once I awoke I was ready to go for the day. I was “on” all day at work and the lesson on weather and humidity went well. Everyone was on task and finished with a little time to spare which is unusual in my room. I knew the kids had a test in another class so I gave them time to study if they had finished. To quote a friend, “at the end of the day…” everyone was grateful and no one left with any homework unfinished for my class. A win win day.       

I was grateful to lunch with a friend today. Usually she is busy but this week we have eaten together for three days in a row. I am actually joyous for her company. We are good for each other and I appreciate her more than she knows. I try and tell her but I am not sure she believes me.  I told her the story of my necklace and it felt good to share my joy. Good friends are special and I am grateful for them always.   I had a chat with another teacher after school and hopefully I was of some comfort as that was my intention. Everybody needs to know that they are heard.  Today at work I was keenly aware of my necklace and the gratitude I felt for wearing a symbol of my and my mother’s heritage and love.       

After school I made it to my appointment with time to spare.  I sat in my car and read the last of a book about a topic I was referred to on Friday.  The book is by no means light reading and yet I was grateful for a deeper understanding of where my life is right now.  The appointment went well and I shared my gratitude and joy for the opportunity of growth.     

After work on my way home I listened to a SARK call.  That is, whenever it did not cut out due to connection problems.  Her calls bring me joy because they are so welcoming and insightful to all involved. I am grateful for my membership in SWW. Upon arriving home I finished listening to the call while dinner was on the BBQ. I am grateful for all the good things in my life.       

After the SARK call I had a long conversation with a dear friend. I am grateful for knowing her and for the joy she brings. Sadly at one point I had to end the call as a grandchild needed some emotional support.  I am not sad the call ended just that the grandchild was so upset. I am grateful for being a sounding board but so very sad that such distress is going on in the young life. How quickly my emotions had to change. How I wish I could solve the problems and help the hurt. Alas I can only do what I can do to be there.   

The focus I have set for myself this year is to find joy. I have been made aware that there is joy in so many things not just in my own feelings of joy. So I know today there was joy in my students having completed all their work. There was pure joy in the dog with the time I spent playing catch with her outside. There was joy in my getting to connect with friends. There was joy when I made it home after the grueling rush hour traffic that I despise.  I am grateful for the joy that I can see in myself and others. There is sadness for specific reasons, and I hold that in my heart to pray on. 

2 thoughts on “Day 97 – LSS Attitude of Gratitude – SARK – There is always something to be grateful for.

  1. Your post is beautiful. You know, we can always have something to be grateful for, no matter what is happening outside us. And I have often told others that the challenges we go through in life are part of being grateful too. Without them, we could not learn compassion for others, or understand how to endeavor to help them. And without the challenges, our lives would not be as meaningful and we could not develop any kind of spiritual strength.

    I too have worked with children in education – mostly with younger age special needs children, but I have also had classes of young adults. It is an honor and joy to work with them, for they have taught me so much about life. Yes, I appreciate your post because we are as grateful as we believe. And I too do for certain. Thank you so kindly.

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