Day 93 – LSS Attitude of Gratitude – Blog/Rest – There is always something to be grateful for.

Today I struggled to find joy. I am happy to have gratitude though. The cold weather is kicking me physically and I am just worn out. Today I listened to what my body needed. I am grateful that I took three naps to help refresh my tired achy body. After my usual early morning wake up I took care of a few household chores and laid back down for nap number one.   

After I awoke my spouse and I did a couple of outside errands. The first Costco we went to was a nightmare. We made it to the front of the parking lot and left again. We have learned too crowded in the parking lot means too crowded in the store and too much aggravation. We went to a thrift store and found a few books that looked interesting. There were no bowling balls on the half price sale today so I passed. We had terrific Mexican food for lunch and then had success at a different Costco. We were in and out in less than half an hour. We finished our outside chores at a Sprouts. We love finally having one in our town. Fresh fruits and veges at a good price makes me happy.   

Back home once chores were done, my body screamed for a second nap. I am grateful that I was able to sleep when I needed to. When I awoke I did some more reading which is my  indulgence of choice this holiday. I finished a couple of loads of laundry and made the bed.  Such a lovely boring stress free day today was. I planned on doing some more reading and instead fell asleep for a third quick nap.

31 memes about sleep for anyone who desperately needs a nap right now. 31 memes about sleep for anyone who desperately needs a nap right now.

Image result for cousin support quotes

My phone ringing made me fully awake. It was my cousin in Michigan. We had a very long catch up call. We shared the ups and downs of the last couple of weeks. We supported each other and laughed together. It is wonderful having her as my sister from another mother. I am grateful we can talk to each other about almost anything.   

I dearly love both my sweet cousins. I am grateful they are in my life.     


While talking with my cousin my front door RING went off.  I assumed it was someone driving past. When I checked my phone it indicated there had been someone at my front door.  Much to my surprise 3 of the four books I ordered last night after my call with Kim had arrived. Much to my surprise it was pouring rain outside. It made a lot of sense that I was so sleepy today. I feel like I am fighting a cold. I know I am sleepier than normal. I know I have the luxury for one more day to allow myself to just take it easy.   

So tonight I shall clean out some of my emails, I shall check Facebook, and I shall read awhile before getting some sleep. I am grateful for a lazy day that I could just rest.

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