Day 88 – LSS Attitude of Gratitude – Blog/Sharing Game – There is always something to be grateful for,

Today was a busy day. We did some chores around the house, did some shopping preparing for the grands coming over, hit two thrift stores, bought some items at Target, and of course played with the dog for quite awhile. The shower is fixed upstairs and happily we will not have to have anyone traipsing into the master bedroom. I called and asked if the kids wanted mac-n-cheese which is their usual dinner request, and it was affirmative all around. So three versions were made, one for the kids, gluten free for K2, and tons of added fresh garlic for my spouse and me. 

Today I am grateful for helping to turn around a difficult situation. Z1 was having issues with his mom and so there was tension after he arrived. Awhile  after dinner I asked everyone to come back and sit at the table sans all devices. I gave everyone a brown paper bag with their letter and number on it. I told them to earn treats to put in their goody bag they had to answer questions. I started with having each person say something nice about the person to their left or right. Then they had to compliment anyone at the table. Then they had to tell someone at the table why they loved them. We continued with friendly questions and the mood lightened. Then the kids asked questions like what would you do if you had to spend $1,000 in just one store. The entire family was laughing and having a great time. We continued this for a couple of hours with no one wanting to stop. K2 asked a question that ended the activity without her meaning to. She asked if you could have anyone deceased not have died who would it be? Everyone gave it plenty of thought. K2 said Martin Luther King Jr. We all applauded her choice. My choice was JFK. K3 was unsure of the meaning of the question as he is only 7. What ended the activity was Z1 who out of nowhere started crying that he wished his GG (my mom) had not died. I jumped up and hugged him for quite awhile and let him know how terrific it is that she is still in his heart so strongly. We discussed the movie CoCo and the meaning of the movie. All the kids knew that as long as you keep the departed in your heart they still exist. What had started as a strained set of feelings between a teenager and his mom ended with everyone hugging. I am grateful for the way the mood changed.   

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I am grateful that the kids had such a good time with the slime I bought them. Z1s was called reindeer poop. Z2s was called galaxy dust. Z3s was called elf snot. They had a blast playing and making up stories about the slime.








I am grateful that Z3 got to choose the movie for tonight and he chose Woody Woodpecker The Movie. It kept most of us interested and amused. By the time the movie was over it was ten minutes until midnight. K2 had brought Martinelli’s so all of them had some as the clock struck midnight. We watched the ball drop on the rerun for CA. Everyone hugged and wished each other a Happy New Year. Honestly I was surprised I made it to midnight. I am grateful for bringing in the new year with loved ones.

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