Day 84 – LSS Attitude of Gratitude – Blog/Thursday Errands – There is always something to be grateful for.

I am grateful that today was a successful day in many ways. It took a little help, but I was able to sleep last night. I awoke early at 2:30 AM but I went back to sleep which is very unusual for me.

Image result for kvetching memeI am grateful that I made it out to do some shopping early in the morning. I found some things I wanted, some things I needed, and some things I purchased just for the heck of it. (I know I’ll need it at some point)  I waited in a very long line and instead of being angry that there were 22 check stands and only two with real live cashiers, I engaged in a comedic conversation with a total stranger. We both agreed with the fact that we do not like to use the self-serve check out registers. We joked that it feels counter intuitive to use them and both deny a worker a job and to do the job of a cashier without getting a discount for doing so. Our kvetching made the wait easier and less upsetting.   

I came home and made a special breakfast with some croissants I had splurged on. After breakfast we made a spur of the moment decision to visit my aunt and take her the box full of Nora Roberts’  books I had been collecting. On our way to her place we stopped off at Baskin Robbins as she is an ice cream fanatic as well as a chocoholic. Sadly she was out at a doctor’s appointment. We put the ice cream in her freezer, left the books on her chair, and dropped off a box of books my husband had finished in her community library.  All I could do was to leave a message so she would know we had been there.   

On the way home we made a detour to a tiny Goodwill in Pasadena that only sells books, DVDs, and CDs. It is a favorite of ours when we are out that way. We had a conversation with the clerk and I am grateful that she kindly told us that two colors were on a special sale. That changed what we looked at. Well at least what I looked at. I found many DVDs that I might not have purchased had they been full price. I also found four more books for my aunt.   

Image result for too many emails

Traffic coming home was not easy, as usual. I am grateful my phone allows me to catch up on my email which tends to be a little overwhelming. I was happy to discover two friends had reached out to me. I love to hear from friends. I try not to lose their messages in the multitude of emails waiting in my inbox. I read some joyous news about another friend who welcomed a new fur baby into her home. Such a wonderful post to read. I am grateful that I too know how much a life is enhanced with a new snuggle mate. 

We had many options for linner (between lunch and dinner) at home. I worked at putting all the days purchases away where they went sans the tags and labels. It meant I had to go to the attic and add some items to a holiday bin, but that is where it belonged.   

I am grateful that I am looking forward to tomorrow’s morning appointment with my chiropractor and my evening appointment with Kim. I am grateful that I had a full day even if I didn’t get everything done I had hoped to. I am grateful that I have a warm heater making my body warm which lessons my pain. I am grateful that I finished my blog and I am off to bed. (Hopefully to get the sleep I need.) 

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