Day 37 – LSS Attitude of Gratitude – Blog/Giving – There is always something to be grateful for.

I am grateful today for the opportunity to think about gift giving. I so enjoy thinking about people I love and what I can do for them. I do not believe in going in to debt for gifts. Too many years of not having enough has taught me to be particular with what I give. I feel very strongly about trying to get or make something people will enjoy. Giving a gift just to say you bought something is meaningless. 

taluk olam

I try throughout the year to give to people or organizations I feel my heart leads me to give to. Giving from the heart knows no season. I know of many that need extra help for a variety of reasons. I sadly cannot give to all that I would like to.  So I try to lead with my heart as well as my brain.  I proudly sent over 300 hundred Beanie Babies to the immigrant children in the encampments in Texas. They were in my attic and the thought that they could bring happiness to the children was an opportunity I could not miss. A SARK member got the OK to send them and my grand kids helped me mail off the 11 boxes.  The ‘mitzvah of tzedakah’ is one of the most important mitzvahs. 

By Jacquelyn DeGroot “Tzedakah has two aspects: one with the hand and one with the heart. Judaism teaches the belief that donors benefit from tzedakah as much or more than the poor recipients and the belief remains a common theme in Jewish tradition. Whereas the poor receive money or other material assistance, the donor receives the merit of sharing the Almighty’s work. Accordingly, tzedakah involves giving assistance with the hand and consolation with the mouth so the heart is without embitterment. The donor should give with a pleasant expression and with a full heart and the beggar should not hear rebuke (ibid.).”

The upcoming holiday season is joyful to me. I am grateful to get to think about my loved ones and what they might enjoy. I look throughout the year for special items to make or purchase. I am grateful that I can help share my traditions and gifts with others.

Giving is so much fun. I am grateful that my school participates in a variety of organizations this time of year. We contribute to Shoes for Souls, Operation Christmas Child, and Thanksgiving meals for those in need. It makes me proud to be a part of all the holiday giving.   

I go in to this season with a grateful attitude and a happy heart. 

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2 thoughts on “Day 37 – LSS Attitude of Gratitude – Blog/Giving – There is always something to be grateful for.

  1. With so many struggling at this time of year… gift giving to some maybe far from whats in their immediate needs.

    There are times when Parents & Families feel the strain between beautifully wrapped Christmas cheers… & the necessity of food and clean water.

    People like yourself & your husband warm my heart at this yime of year… allowing the smallest glimmers of light that shine from our own earths walks of life.

    Thankyou for cheering my heart at a time of year when many wonder where they will find enough light to smile and not cry..


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  2. Giving with no expectation of anything in return is how I like to approach giving throughout the year. Being retired changes how much I can give monetarily, but I do enjoy making gifts for family and beloved friends. Thank you for sharing such beloved traditions.

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