Day 17 – LSS Attitude of Gratitude – Bloggers – There is always something to be grateful for.

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I had been thinking yesterday and today, and well for even more days than that, how grateful I am to be on this path of blogging. Low and behold I read Maggie’s blog and she was inside my head. She wrote about the topic I was thinking about. Of course she is a wonderful writer and far more eloquent than I, but the topic was so very similar. I contacted her to see if it was OK if I splashed into the same water and she graciously gave me her blessing.   

So here I am writing on a very similar topic. I am grateful to the wonderful people that have come in to my life via blogging. Previously I had stumbled across some blogs in my travels on the internet. They held information about a topic I was interested in for that time and moment. I had never “followed” anyone for any reason.   

Enter Maitri, whom I met in my SARK adventures. Her stories were real and I wanted to learn more. So I actually started to “follow” her. I know it is just me but it seems the terminology is a little bit stalkerish. Of course the reason many blog is to have followers, but it is such a daring leap of faith to allow people in to your private world. I felt compelled to respond on her posts and did so with more than a little trepidation. I always received kind, caring replies so my fears were unwarranted.  I felt OK to send the greeting, “Gentle Hugs.” This greeting came from my fibro friends who understand that not all hugs feel good. When your body is in a flare most touch is unwelcome. But a gentle hug is sensitive to the feelings of the receiver as well as the giver. 

Maitri opened a writing group and I wanted to sign up right away. It turns out it is filled with the most amazing women. They are so different than I am and at the same time so similar. Getting to know these women at whatever level they felt is OK has been an inspiration in many ways.   

I started looking for some other bloggers to see what topics and feelings interested me. My sweet cousin follows many people and over time had mentioned names of people she respected. I am not sure of the correct terminology but I am so grateful for the blog/ video blog/ vlog of Martha Beck. She is so inspiring and each week she talks about things that are heavy on my heart. I am so grateful to watch her on Sundays as she discusses things near and dear to me.   

Enter Maitri again. She put out a challenge to her followers both in SARK and in the writing class to start a blog. I was pretty convinced that I had nothing to say that anyone would want to read. I also knew that my time to even begin this task was not available. Then a kind, generous, woman, Tanya, offered to help set up the blog. “Help me” is a joke of a term. She talked to me about my interests and likes casually. Then she spent hours upon hours setting up a blog site for me. Being the perfectionist that she is, she redid it time and time again. She spent her time and energy getting my blog going and teaching me some of the tricks of the trade. I never would have attempted blogging without her. I began to be so excited to start my own blog. I also decided I wasn’t writing for anyone else, but for me.  Currently my blog gently coerces me to focus more on the things I am grateful for and less on my stress and stressors. 

Then more and more wonderful women either started a new blog or started one to go along with the 365 challenge. I visited Julia’s blog and I admire her adventurous soul and her writing. I so want to stroke her new little puppy. I know Sassy will bring such joy to their home.  Julia is a spiritual soul and I know she “knows” things other people are totally unaware of.   

Maggie’s blog speaks of a gentle time with a loving family. I feel like I am stepping back in a simpler time. Her family brought such joy to her and I envy what they shared. Her writing style is so very beautiful just as is her voice and her spirit. I admire her so very much.   

Donna’s blog is a terrific reminder that we are all writers. Because of her I  feel inspired to be dedicated more to my writing.  She writes in so many genres and is talented in them all. She brings such a devotion to writing that it makes me want to challenge  myself. 

Lisa’s blog touches my heart because of her love of gardening. I am by no means an expert but I do love my gardens. I like to see her drawings. This is a talent I have never had. She travels and once I loved to travel so I can vicariously travel with her on her blog posts. Quebec is indeed a beautiful place. I love most areas of Canada. My personal favorite is Peggy’s Cove in Nova Scotia.      

I enjoy sharing in Victoria’s commitment to being a caregiver. It is an extremely challenging job and she does it with grace. A dear friend of mine runs a support group for  caregivers and I appreciate how difficult it is.  I understand why one would need support fulfilling this calling. 

It is so much fun watching and reading Kim’s blog/vlog. Her meals with her circular friend, Wilson, are hilarious. I sure will avoid some of the food companies she tried. She has far more expertise in the kitchen than she lets on. I have always wanted to try spaghetti squash.  So I shall continue to “follow” her.      

Maryann Rozsas Udelhas blessed my heart with her wonderful vlogs and messages. If I wasn’t in SARK I never would have her gifts blessing my life.  She knows and speaks of the fact that we all go through so much and there is always someone out there who can help.   

This brings me back to Tanya. She is such a talented, prolific writer. She keeps telling me not to compare myself to her as she has been writing much and for a very long time. I had two choices: to listen to her and keep blogging, or to listen to my inner critic and stop all together. She is talented, honest and fights the good fight every day.   

So today I am grateful for blogging and all the gifts it has brought me.


4 thoughts on “Day 17 – LSS Attitude of Gratitude – Bloggers – There is always something to be grateful for.

  1. My lovely element of water… you bring calmness to me and others.. you are so special to me. i look forward to your smile everyday! it warms me right down to my soul. your gentle rain has helped me bloom and many others..

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  2. Lauren, please never underestimate the power of your words. You have a gift and it is one I look forward to experiencing every day. We have all been blessed to share with each other and nurture one another. I am blessed to have met you and am so fortunate to have you as a friend. Let our journey continue.

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  3. Dearest Dear Lauren chuckles you keep dropping my name…. honestly hun I am honoured that you think and write the way you do about me and the others girls that work each day to send us onwards and upwards into a journey that lets us see life in many different ways…

    You have spoken sbout esch of us in our writing group with a great review and outlook of us each…

    For those you write about that we do not know I am sure we will through your writing soon see why you are drawn to them…

    Maitri started us off on a journey, we are in her debt for her gathering us all together but Lauren you have earned your stripes… you are equally unique in your blogging… wear your stripes with pride and own what you write and say … with lessons learned from Maitri and those fellow writers around you, you will grow to see the gratitude in all that you do, say & write.

    I came scross this written verse today that was simply written

    “What you are now is
    What you have been.
    What you will be
    Is what you do now.

    Written By

    So take the bull by it’s horns and tell it to set fire to your writing pen…

    Best wishes for your journey
    & for who you will be tomorrow.

    xx Tan xx

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  4. Writing and sharing is magic, for sure. Thank you for putting your voice out into the world.

    I became acquainted with Maitri some years ago through one of SARK’s classes, too, and was drawn by her honesty, kindness, and willingness to write on her blog about so many things that we often keep inside. And she’s gathered together several different groups in the past that I”ve participated in, too.

    So glad that we’re all a part of this one.

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